meet WENDY

Wendy Winters is a fashion and food stylist, costume designer, writer and certified olive oil taster based in New York. 

Throughout her career, she’s worked for and collaborated with extraordinary artists and creators. She’s designed costumes for some of today’s most celebrated American choreographers & dancers and learned from the best in the fashion and food styling worlds. 

Through food, fashion, photography and design, Wendy has had the opportunity to be involved in diversely wonderful experiences- expanding her view of the world through a variety of lenses. She’s designed a wearable chocolate dress displayed at The American Museum of Natural History in New York, toured with Lauryn Hill and the Fugees through Europe, traveled from coast to coast with hundreds of pounds of wardrobe for photo shoots, designed a set for a theatre made entirely of pink wool felt, apprenticed in underground cheese caves, and documented the life stories, memories and recipes of a group of Italian mothers in Central Italy - just to name a few. 

While her experiences are seemingly disjointed, one underlying element remains the same and connects her professional skills to her passion: people. 

For her, its always been about people.  

Listening, observing, and collaborating with people while learning their stories (both spoken and unspoken) has always been at the heart of her work, and has ultimately now inspired her to launch this new project: FOOD STORIE/s by the light of the sun and moon.

Born and raised in Los Angeles she's lived just about half her life on  each Coast of the U.S. with four years in Italy thrown in the mix.

She has a Fine Arts degree in Contemporary Dance Performance & Choreography from California Institute of the Arts. She also has a Professional Diploma in Pastry & Baking Arts from the Institute of Culinary Education, a Master's Degree in Food Culture and Communications from The University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy and a 1st level certification in Sensory Analysis in Extra Virgin Olive Oil from ONAOO, Italy's oldest certifying body located in Imperia, Italy.