Name: Chiara Costa

Where were you born? Savigliano, Italy

Decade you were born ? 1980's 

Three things you remember most from the first decade of your life?

1. Passing a lot of time with my sister and cousin with walkie talkies and spying on our Grandmother.

2. A big house with hundreds of ticking clocks. In every room small clocks all going at different times.

3. When I was 5 years old playing my guitar on the TV show Uno Mattina. I was really shy and I didn't want to talk to anyone. I remember feeling really dressed up with my red stupid bow. 

What is the dessert?  Bunet

Who would you want to eat this last dessert with and why?

My Grandmother because she really knows how this should look and taste like and she is very sharp and precise how this should be. So yes, this would be the person. She has all the tools - it's all about the place you do it and the place is very personal to her.

Where would you be eating this last dessert?

In the countryside house where I spent a lot of time with my family during the summer. That's where I learned how to get drunk because of Bunet.  

When I say the word "food" what comes to mind?

 Something I couldn't live without.  

What's the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?

A very recent one... My father told me to not stop losing interest and hope to the people- even if you're really hurt. Maybe for a little bit of time but not forever.  

What is your job title?

Graphic Designer

What is your favorite thing I can find in your kitchen?

My teapot.

What is your favorite quote?

Something I read on the a pin at the Venice Biennale last year - Give Poetry a Try - Karl Holmquist

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

In a nice spot in-between a city and an escape place.  

Three most important things in your life?

1. Comfort zones

2. Non Comfort zones

3. Sharing

***Chiara is pictured with her once boss, now turned business partner - Roberto a.k.a. Robi.                                                                                                   They've been working together for five years.