Name: Giula Bertolino

Decade you were born? 1990's

Three things you remember most from that first decade of your life?

1. One of the strongest memories is when I came back from summer holiday and thieves had been in the house and everything was upside down.

 2. When I went to elementary school and would have tea time with my Grandmother. She would pick me up from school and take me to her house and we'd have tea with a Biscotti Novellino (a particular kind of cookie) while watching TV.

3. Being in the old house where I lived with my mother. There was a routine on Friday afternoons- the man would clean the house and I would sit on the white couch and I'd watch Cinderella - that was once a week that I got to do that. My mother didn't let us watch more TV than that.

What is the dessert?


Who would you want to eat this last dessert with, where and why?  

With my boyfriend in my little apartment in the French Alps - that's where we go to hide if we want peace.  

When I say the word "food" what comes to mind? 

I would say enjoying and celebrating life with the ones you love.

What is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given  you?

My English teacher in middle school strongly influenced me and on the last day of middle school she read a Scottish poem that said, "No matter what just follow your passions and what you want to do and don't worry about restraints of everyday life - follow your dreams."  

What is your job title?


What is your favorite thing I can find in your kitchen?  

A manual Hand Mixer - the result is different from an electric one.

What is your favorite quote?

My grandfather on my mothers side died when I was really young. Somehow he had this really strong impression on me. When i'm in doubt I always have this figure of my grandfather - how he behaved - always happy and generous with people. When I have a hard decision I think what would he do. I also like the word FINE - it's up to you how you read it. If you read it in English it means fine - everything is ok and in Italian it means - it's over - finished.  

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

I don't know. It would be restrictive to know because then there wouldn't be possibilities.

The three most important things in your life?  

1. Personal goals

2. My sisters

3. My boyfriend