Name: Laura Spesso

Where were you born? Torino, Italy

Decade you were born ? 1960's 

Three things you remember most from the first decade of your life?

1. Riding a bicycle with my father.

2.  My mother's apple strudel and also her orange cake. 

3.  Skiing.

What is the dessert? 

Apple Strudel

Who would you want to eat this last dessert with and why?

 My father because I spent so much time and effort to have a good relationship after my parents divorce.  I’m happy about what I did and proud of what we did.

Where would you be eating this last dessert?

 In my house in the mountains in a town called Cervelli - which means brains in Italian.

When I say the word "food" what comes to mind?

 I have a visual image come to my mind.

What's the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you? 

My mother speaking about freedom. The idea that we must try to be free and decide by ourselves how to live our life. Sometimes I’m not so happy about this idea.  It's hard  - sometimes you have to lose to find the way over some obstacles.

What is your job title?

Partial owner of Cafe Al Bicerin and an accountant at Gelati Pepino.

What is your favorite thing I can find in your kitchen?

It would be my angel figurine from Krakow, Poland.  I think it’s so ugly but i like it so much. I’ve kept her with me for 12 years.

What is your favorite quote? 

It’s some lines from a poem called Considero Valore by Erri De Luca.

"I highly value any form of life, snow, a strawberry, a fly, the mineral kingdom, the constellation of stars.  I highly value all that will not be valuable tomorrow and all that has not yet much value today."

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

Managing a refuge in the mountains.

Three most important things in your life?

1. My freedom

2. My mind

3. My travels