Name: Hannah Spengler

What city were you born in? Munster, Germany

What decade where you born? 1970's

Three things you remember most from the first decade of your life?

1. Peace marches my parents took me on. They were in the Communist Party and Flower Power Party. My father was a medical doctor, and he built a large cart on wheels. When they'd take us on the marches protesting the war, all of the children would ride on it. When the marches would turn violent, the cart would open up and turn into a medical station with all of my Dad's supplies so he could help people that were being injured.

2.  I remember the English military bases, and when we would pass, them my parents would say, "Girls pull down your trousers and we would put our bare butts to the window and my mom would yell, "FUCK THE ARMY!"

3. My father grew up in East Germany and escaped when he was 15 to West Germany. Until 1989 when the wall came down, every Christmas and Easter we would go to visit my grandmother and aunts. I remember at the border control it was really scary because we would always drive at night so that we could sleep. The car would always be ripped apart. We would try to bring a kiwi or bananas for my grandmother and every time they would find them. One time, I succeeded in bringing a Deutsche Mark for my cousin. I remember these trips at my Grandmother's house - singing for Christmas and everyone would learn a poem. Very simple life. Very beautiful. 

What is the dessert?  Mousse au Chocolat

Who would you want to eat this dessert with and why?  

I wouldn't want to share it. The last spoonful would be mine. I would never give the last spoon of dessert to anyone else -- not even my husband.

Where would you want to eat this last dessert?

Right here in my house in Monforte d'Alba.

What comes to your mind when I say the word FOOD?

It makes me think of my husband Massimo's love because he expresses a lot of his love through food. He often asks for my forgiveness by making a wonderful dinner for me. 

What is the best piece of advice anyone has given you?

I don't know if it's the best, but is the one that has resonated the most within me. If you know who you are, you can grow roots everywhere, even in the air. This gave me the way to discover the world. 


Coordinator of Academic and Register Office at The University of Gastronomic Sciences

What is your favorite object I can find in your kitchen?

First thing, the kitchen is not really mine - it's my husband's. But, I'd have to say my steamer. 

Favorite quote?

"Love All, Serve All " - Sai Baba of Shirdi

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

I would love to be back in the yoga and meditation retreat center where I met my husband 14 years ago. The center is called Ananda and it's in Assisi. Ananda means inner joy in Sanskrit. Our dream is to open a little yoga and meditation center. 

Three most important things in your life?

1. My husband and daughters

2. Yoga because it keeps me healthy and balanced and giving a sense to life

3. Traveling