Name: Lea Anselma 

What city were you born in? Savigliano (CN), Italy

Decade born? 2000's

What are three of your favorite memories from when you were really little until now?  

1. A trip to a small hidden waterfall in Umbria near Ananda, Assisi (Yoga retreat center).

2. My first tooth that fell out.

3. Camping at Ananda Assisi's family week last summer (2016).

What is the dessert? 

Chocolate Mousse of my mom's.

If you had to share your chocolate mousse - who would you want to share it with and why? Or, would you want to eat it all yourself ?

 I would share it with my friends because I want them to try/taste it.

If you could live anywhere in the world when you are grown up where would it be?

Ananda  in Assisi.

What comes to your mind when I say the word Food?  

My Grandma's pasta al forno and making mousse au chocolate with my mum.

Is there is one piece of advice that your your mom or dad always says to you in how to be in life? 

 Never give up!

 What do you like better - being in the mountains or being at the seaside?  


What is your favourite thing I can find in your room?

 Spank - my stuffed animal. He sleeps, travels, and goes everywhere with me.

If you could be anything when you grow up what would it be? 

A singer or a bartender ( no comment by her mother) :) 

What is your very favourite book, song or movie (or all three )?  

Book: Diario di Nikki (Dork Diaries) Song: Titanium (oh mamma mia, should I be worried? comment by her mom), Movie: Ballerina

What are the names of your very best friends and whats your favourite thing to do together?

Rossella, Nives and Giulia. We like to play detectives together.

What is the best thing you know how to make and who taught you how to make it?
Bananas with chocolate topping. I made up the recipe myself.